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Get VR games from external sources

SideQuest is a free video game utility software that enables you to browse and install content on your Oculus Quest VR headset via sideloading. A third-party program for virtual reality gaming, this tool is used when you’d like to try out Quest content that you can’t find in the Oculus Store, such as pre-release builds from developers and custom content. This software is compatible with Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

What is Oculus Quest SideQuest?

SideQuest is a desktop app that lets you do sideloading, a method of loading VR content from sources not explicitly approved by the appropriate official sites. While it easily sounds sketchy and you should proceed with caution when performing it, sideloading is usually beneficial in testing apps by users—especially when the specific content isn’t accepted by the Oculus Store or Facebook yet. Thus, if you’d like to get this tool, here’s how to do it.

First, download the program onto your computer. Take note that some operating systems may require additional packages installed. Then, you need to enable Developer Mode on your account on the Oculus website—which you can do on your Oculus app, too. Create an “organization” as a developer on the website and install the necessary drivers for your headset. Afterward, enable Developer Mode, reboot your device, and connect it to your PC.  

Connect via USB cable—which is recommended to do with a Type-C port. Then, allow USB debugging on your device when prompted and check “Always allow from this computer.” It’s best to disable the unlock pattern on your mobile app, as well. After that, you should now be seeing a green dot on the top left of SideQuest and the name of your headset. You’re ready to start sideloading, which the program makes easy work of.

Gets easier after this

All in all, there are many uses for SideQuest, and it all comes together in a nice intuitive interface. While not all operating systems follow the same installation steps precisely, these are always a one-time process. Not only is the program an alternate Oculus Store, but it also allows you to manage your VG gaming by enabling TV screencasting and streaming. This is a recommended software for anyone looking to go beyond the official store’s contents.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers content not found in the Oculus Store
  • Allows files from external sources
  • Can stream on your TV


  • Chromebooks are not supported
  • Another pop-up notification can override the USB debugging prompt


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SideQuest 0.10.16 for PC


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